Spur Capital Partners was founded in 2001 and has a successful history of building durable relationships with top-tier venture capital firms in early-stage technology and life science as well as uncovering up-and-coming firms. Limited partners are leading endowments, family offices, foundations, and institutional investors in the United States, Europe, and abroad.

Price Tower, built in 1956 to a design by Frank Lloyd Wright. Source: Library of Congress, Highsmith, Carol M


Prior to forming Spur in 2001, the Spur Directors invested through a variety of investment conditions back to the early 1990’s and have developed a steady, long-term orientation to the venture sector. The four founders of Spur have been together since 1998, predating the formation of Spur Capital Partners. Spur was formed out of a shared set of values and objectives to create a specialist venture capital funds investor with a differentiated, early-stage focus.

Investment Strategy

Spur seeks to identify and invest in high-quality venture opportunities by constructing and managing multi-vintage, diversified portfolios. Spur portfolios are structured to invest broadly in technology and life science funds.

Outperformance across any investment segment is dependent upon selectivity more so within private equity broadly and venture capital in particular. Historically, the performance differential between the upper and lower quartiles has been substantial. 

Our success in selecting funds that consistently outperform has been driven by our broad view of the investment universe, the diversity of our experience, our long-standing relationships with fund managers, and reputation as thought leaders within early-stage venture investing. Because of our long history of venture investing, our relationships with key industry players have been nurtured over many years. Spur takes an active role in the partnership process and provides fund managers with constructive feedback, and connections to prospective team members, partners, and entrepreneurs.

Spur Name

Spurs are an enduring symbol of rank and achievement. In the Middle Ages, knights were said to have "earned their spurs". The age of chivalry evokes a sense of adventure and purpose that has transcended time and place, through the early adventurers and pioneers of the new continent. This age is currently extant amongst entrepreneurs and venture capitalists who face the future with a spirit of adventure, dedication, and respect for the past.

Spur & ESG

At Spur Capital Partners, we believe in fair and objective investment practices. Our core values stem from our shared experiences as individuals and as investment professionals. We believe that investing is more than just a passive activity free from oversight and accountability. Operating as a knowledgeable, conscientious investor is one of the cornerstones of our investment process.

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